Automated and standardized breast density assessments in alignment with ACR 5th. ed. guidance

Female radiologist looking at mammograms with BIRADS density C

Inform Referral Pathways for Supplemental Imaging

Leveraging intelliMammo densityai breast density solutions supports the identification of higher-risk women who may benefit from supplemental screening with more sensitive imaging modalities.

Eliminate Subjectivity and Lack of Reproducibility

Eliminate Subjectivity and Lack of Reproducibility

IntelliMammo densityai breast density assessments eliminate the subjectivity and lack of reliability associated with visual assessment, establishing standardization across entire health systems. Density results have been rigorously validated for face-validity and have demonstrated almost perfect agreement with expert radiologist consensus.

Seamless Integration in Reporting Workflows

Seamless Integration in Reporting Workflows

IntelliMammo densityai uses routinely archived ‘for presentation’ images with results integrated into existing reporting and PACS workflows to boost efficiency and facilitate retrospective analyses.

Image showing breast density percentage and ACR BIRADS 5th edition category C

Align With ACR BI-RADS® Atlas Breast Density Scales

IntelliMammo densityai uniquely uses two distinct deep learning models that decouple the breast density assessment for quantitative percent mammographic density (0% – 100%) and qualitative descriptive category (A, B, C, D) scales in alignment with the ACR BI-RADS® 5th ed. density scales.

IntelliMammo densityai specifically accounts for the presence of localized areas of dense tissue, consistent with the ACR guidance to radiologists visually assessing breast density as rendered in mammograms.

Compliance with Federal and Regional Breast Density Notification Laws

Compliance With Breast Density Notification Guidance

Visual breast density assessments are highly variable – this can be confusing and stressful for patients. IntelliMammo densityai provides reliable and reproducible breast density assessments in compliance with breast density notification guidance.

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