Densitas and Radiology A.I. featured in Diagnostic Imaging

Oct 19, 2020

RAD-AID International and Densitas® partner to advance personalized breast screening and establish A.I.-based decision support programs in medically underserved regions.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has the potential to deliver significant benefits to populations and health systems when used appropriately. However, the development and application of A.I. poses unique challenges that require a thoughtful response to ensure the appropriateness of use, especially in underserved regions of the world where population characteristics and prevalence of diseases can be different than those in regions of the world where most data sets used to train A.I. algorithms are sourced.

Featured in Diagnostic Imaging, the expert panel organized by the University of Pennsylvania represented academic, healthcare and industry leaders working together with a common purpose of bringing A.I. solutions in radiology to areas of the globe that could greatly benefit from, but may not have access to, such technologies. Densitas® is proud to partner with RAD-AID International in this mission.

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