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Recognized in the Harvard Business Review as an innovative A.I. solution for supporting improved clinical outcomes in breast cancer screening.

A.I. Automation and Digitization of Workflows

The densitas intelliMammo platform delivers digitalized workflows:

  • ACR mammography accreditation
  • MQSA EQUIP Inspection Readiness
  • On-demand results at the time of exam & reporting
  • Technologist QA reviews
  • Breast density and cancer risk
  • Continuous Quality Assurance
  • One-click EQUIP Reporting
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Trend Detection
  • Automated Reporting
  • Integration with PACS and radiology reporting systems
Intelligent Worklist Prioritization and Filtering

Intelligent Worklist Prioritization and Filtering

Prioritization and filtering of auto-generated worklists support clinical care teams to identify and manage at-risk patients, and administrators and executives to monitor and manage operational and clinical key performance indicators.

Interactive Analytics for Root Cause Determination

Interactive Analytics for Root Cause Determination

The densitas intelliMammo platform enables exploratory data analysis from current and prior standard DICOM mammograms that are routinely archived on PACS for benchmarking, monitoring, trend detection.

This novel analytics platform makes it possible to instantly gain visibility into historical and current mammography facility performance using quantitative imaging results at the level of the image, study, technologist, facility, and health system to determine root causes of process changes immediately upon deployment.

Intelligent Technologist Training Recommendations

Intelligent Technologist Training Recommendations

The densitas intelliMammo platform identifies technologists that could benefit from additional training to improve their positioning techniques and generates reports and recommendations for tailored corrective actions and training opportunities.

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