Densitas Joins Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging To Deliver Breast Density Assessment

Oct 21, 2019

Our FDA-cleared densitas® densityai™ breast density assessment software will be available on the Nuance® AI Marketplace.

The Marketplace provides access to over 70 percent of all radiologists across the largest network of connected healthcare facilities in the USA.

What does our densitas® densityai™ solution provide?

Densitas® densityai™ delivers fully automated, standardized, and reproducible breast density assessments from standard DICOM clinical use images. Density assessments can be incorporated into risk models that evaluate patient-specific breast cancer risk.

This A.I.-powered solution is specifically designed to align with how the visual cortex processes images when radiologists visualize mammograms and rapidly generates reproducible and standardized breast density assessments that line up with the ACR BI-RADS 5th ed. Atlas guidance on interpreting breast density from clinical use mammograms.

This news follows our recent announcement that densitas® densityai™ had been selected for use in a major breast screening trial in Germany.

What sets densitas® densityai™ apart?

Woojin Kim, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer at the Healthcare Division of Nuance Communications said about the news:

“A.I. can play an important supporting role for radiologists by automating routine, time-consuming, subjective, and fatiguing tasks so that they can focus on more challenging interpretive tasks.

What sets densitas® densityai™ apart is that it has been thoughtfully designed to process routinely archived mammograms so that breast density assessments can be obtained from historical studies when comparing current with prior exams.

What I find compelling is that the density results are deeply embedded in the reporting workflow to deliver important information to radiologists at the time of interpretation while automatically populating the report. The densitas® densityai™ solution is a welcome addition to the Nuance AI Marketplace, and it represents the high-quality A.I. solutions that Nuance is bringing together to improve workflow efficiencies and advance patient care.”

The importance of the Nuance AI Marketplace for Densitas®

Mo Abdolell, Densitas® CEO, had this to say about the news:

“Our presence on the Nuance AI Marketplace makes us readily accessible to over 6,500 connected healthcare facilities. We are excited to see this unique level of workflow integration that supports improved decision making for better patient care and increased reporting efficiency.

Mammography is a high-volume reading setting in which breast density must be evaluated and recorded in the final structured report. Visually evaluating and manually recording breast density in a standardized and reproducible way takes more time and distracts from the primary task of cancer detection.

Integration of densitas® densityai™ results with PowerScribe One and PowerScribe 360 through the Nuance AI Marketplace is a workflow implementation that radiologists will appreciate for its zero-click implementation that delivers standardized and reliably reproducible density results in support of state and federal laws mandating reporting of breast density to women.”

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