Mammography quality tracking and image quality review workflows streamlines CAR MAP compliance

ACR Mammography Facility Inspection Readiness

CAR Mammography Facility Inspection Readiness

Simplify CAR mammography accreditation processes with enterprise-wide clinical image quality evaluation for every acquired mammogram across mammography facilities and health systems. Extensive study filtering and sorting capabilities embedded in the densitas intelliMammo analytics platform enable rapid accreditation image selection.

Compliance with FDA MQSA EQUIP

Compliance With CAR MAP Image Quality Requirements

Minimize the administrative burden of CAR MAP compliance with standardized clinical image quality evaluation of all mammograms. This enables the flagging of poor clinical image quality, identification of emerging trends, performance benchmarking, and tracking of corrective actions.

Reduced Mammogram Callbacks

Reduced Technical Recalls

Standardized image quality assessments focused on positioning errors at point-of-care minimizes technical recalls and the associated expenditures and psychological impact on patients.

Evidence-based Quality Improvement

Evidence-based Quality Improvement

Densitas intelliMammo provides standardized image quality assessment, delivering reliable and reproducible quality metrics enterprise-wide. Results are available at point-of-care and at point-of-reporting to trigger workflows.

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