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intelliMammo platform, comprising intelliMammo densityai, qualityai, and riskai, tackles the most pressing challenges facing breast cancer screening today.

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On-demand A.I. Automation for Patient and Process Management

The densitas intelliMammo platform by Densitas Inc. is comprised of intelliMammo densityai, intelliMammo qualityai, and intelliMammo riskai. It processes images automatically and rapidly generates results that are available on-demand both at point-of-care to technologists and radiologists, and retrospectively at a clinic and health system level through a unique advanced analytics platform for radiologists, quality control technologists, diagnostic imaging managers, and health system administrators.

Improve Quality Assurance To Meet FDA MQSA Requirements

Improve Quality Assurance to Meet CAR MAP Requirements

Densitas intelliMammo and intelliMammo qualityai are specially designed to align with CAR MAP guidance on monitoring quality, identifying errors, taking corrective action, and managing records of corrective actions.

Results are available for technologists at point-of-care for immediate feedback to aid them in improving their positioning techniques.

Results are also accessible retrospectively for radiologists, quality control technologists, and diagnostic imaging managers at the entire clinic level enabling examination of quality indicators such as compression force and image positioning errors by root cause factors such as radiological technologists, digital mammography scanner vendor models, and imaging clinics.

Densitas Supports Patient and Process Management in Your Mammography Practice

Advanced Analytics for Value-based Care

  • Powered by an A.I. engine that provides fully automated and standardized, patient-specific image metrics
  • Performance indicators at the care, clinic, and system levels
  • Interactive dashboards with filtering capabilities for
    • clinical support teams to detect and manage at-risk patients
    • administrators and executives to monitor operational and clinical key performance indicators
  • Benchmarking & reporting
Densitas intelliMammo logoAdvanced Analytics for Value-Based Care
Precision Breast Health with Tailored Follow-Up Screening Protocols

Precision Breast Health With Tailored Follow-up Screening Protocols

Breast density obscures underlying cancers in a mammogram and is associated with a higher risk of breast cancer and missed cancers, and is a critical risk factor in breast cancer risk models. IntelliMammo densityai and intelliMammo riskai provide standardized and reliably reproducible ACR BI-RADS breast density scale and breast cancer risk assessments for the development of consistent follow-up screening protocols.

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Densitas intelliMammo provides the tools to deliver personalized measures of breast density, breast cancer risk, and clinical image quality that can be used to develop unbiased, tailored screening protocols for every woman every time she has a mammogram.

– Dr. Georgia SpearChief Breast Imaging, NorthShore University HealthSystem

Densitas intelliMammo played an essential role in ACR accreditation and MQSA EQUIP preparations and compliance at our clients' facilities. It allowed us to identify high-quality mammograms in a matter of minutes instead of days and automatically provided a comprehensive EQUIP report that is otherwise impossible to generate. Densitas intelliMammo is a must for breast imaging facilities.

– Dr. Martha GarrisonTeleMammography Specialists

Using the densitas intelliMammo analytics platform and artificial intelligence algorithms to delineate your mammography image quality, means information now, action now, and improvement now.

A.I.-powered analytics for mammography facilities is a game-changer. The intelliMammo platform provides on-demand information on specific positioning criteria that allows targeted areas of improvement to be dealt with immediately, not after months of suboptimal quality. We can now systematically compare quality indicators and set benchmarks for performance in a way that has never been possible

– Stephanie SchofieldQuality Control Technologist, Diagnostic Imaging, NSH

I am intrigued by the broader approach that Densitas software suite has taken to not only provide density analysis but also to evaluate overall image quality and provide personalized breast cancer risk assessment. This more comprehensive integration into the overall workflow of image acquisition, image evaluation, and decision support represents the future of A.I. in a variety of different clinical domains.

– Dr. Eliot Siegel Professor and Vice-Chair at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, and Chief of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine for the Veterans Affairs Maryland Healthcare System.

Our experience is that intelliMammo densityai helps us provide a rapid, reproducible, and standardized way to report breast density across our health system so that a woman gets consistent results, whether she goes to two different clinics or her mammogram is read by different radiologists.

– Dr. Sian IlesSection Head for Breast Imaging Nova Scotia Health; Central Zone

IntelliMammo has enabled us to remotely monitor and manage mammography quality using standardized and objective positioning criteria. Since the adoption of intelliMammo we’ve seen significant improvement in technologists’ positioning performance and increased confidence in reaching out for feedback to address the challenges they are experiencing with their technique.

– Dr. Jamie SurrattDirector, RAD-AID International
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Manage Clinical Workflows More Effectively & Efficiently
A.I. Built To Assist Radiologists, Technologists & Administrators

Manage Clinical Workflows More Effectively & Efficiently

Densitas intelliMammo is a web-based advanced analytics platform with interactive dashboards and filtering capabilities that enables clinical support teams as well as administrators and executives to monitor and manage operational and clinical key performance indicators. The platform provides performance tracking, closed-loop traceability, worklist generation and prioritization, and automated report generation.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Densitas intelliMammo interoperates and integrates seamlessly with PACS, A.I. platforms, RIS, and breast imaging reporting systems, without disrupting existing clinical workflows.

Processing routinely archived standard DICOM studies presented to radiologists for clinical use, Densitas is uniquely positioned to deliver retrospective evaluation and auditing of historical mammograms.

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